About Us

Welcome to Kalos Faith Media!

Kalos Faith Media is really the brain-child of my sister, Dana. Dana is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. On sabbatical in 2019, one of her goals was to learn more about video production as she loves using video during church services. Through her travels she took videos and played with creating and editing video compilations. When the pandemic hit in 2020 video became necessary to churches around the world as services became virtual. She began creating more of her own videos because she struggled to find video that truly embraced the gift of science and inclusivity.

Dana and Denise in Hawaii on Dana's sabbatical

Dana was toying with the idea of selling this media and finding other like-minded producers in need of an outlet for their work. Along comes big-sis (that's me, Denise) saying, "Let's do it!" My background and career are in marketing and business management. So the areas that Dana is unsure of, I have experience in, creating a dynamic duo.

We're just two sisters, raised in the church, finding our way in life, starting an adventure that we hope will help you spread God's abundant mercy, grace, and forgiveness and challenge you to love boldly.

A special thank you and loud shout out to Immanuel Lutheran Church, Mt. Pleasant for their support and encouragement on this endeavor!

What We Believe

That’s the question. When sifting through Christian websites many of us have such strong beliefs that we want to click on the page that will share “what kind of Christian you are.”

So what “kind of Christian are we?”

We are the kind that doesn’t have it all figured out. The moment we think we do God shows up and surprises us.

In both Hebrew and Greek, the original languages of the Old and New Testament – the words that are translated as “to believe” actually mean “a firm trust in something.”

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to trust. (John 20: 29)

We trust that God is at work even when we cannot see it.

We trust that Jesus' resurrection opens the promise of new life.

We trust that God continues to speak and move in this world.

We trust that the Bible (Old and New Testament) are inspired by God. They are the faithful record of and witness to God’s saving work with humanity, told through stories, poems, metaphors, histories, and some first-hand accounts.

We trust that love is stronger than hate.

We trust that God calls us into communities who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, help to turn the world around.

We trust that God shows up in bread, wine and water. (Holy Communion & Baptism)

We trust that God loves people, even people who don’t love God.

We trust the triune God who creates, redeems, and motivates us to love & seek justice.


If you are anything like me (Denise), you saw the word 'kalos' and thought... what does that even mean? Kalos is Greek for the word beautiful. Beautiful Faith. That is what we have isn't it? A God that is loving, forgiving, and merciful. It really is beautiful.